Power better decision making, driving profits and growth
Greentree provides a real-time view across all aspects of your business, allowing you to perform better and to stay ahead.
Our fully integrated suite of modules enable enterprises to work smarter. Greentree empowers you to:
Leverage enterprise-level functionality to improve everything from sales, purchasing and logistics to job costing and financial management
Build streamlined and more efficient operations using our extensive ERP that brings departments together
Gain full visibility and control of performance, costs and profits across the breadth of the business
Increase customer satisfaction by responding quickly and improving accuracy
Choose the modules that you require, moulding the solution to fit your unique needs
Choose from multiple deployment options to suit your business needs
Works on a variety of devices
Greentree can achieve a lot for your business
A sophisticated, enterprise-level engine room, Greentree helps businesses to understand, automate and ultimately improve what happens across all levels of operations. Make complexity more manageable.
Greentree has enabled us to move from simple management to actually improving the way we run the business
Alistair Tusting, JR Tusting
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One unified solution
Our fully integrated, unified solution removes islands of automation and creates one, accurate view across the whole organisation. Different departments can interact and better understand each other.
Deeper insights, better performance
Greentree ERP's functionality offers enormous breadth and depth across operations. It will simplify information, allowing you to delve deeper and gain insights that empower better business decisions. Drive efficiency and maximise profits.
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Powerful, flexible and scalable
Greentree's functionality scales to suit your needs, as your business evolves. Select from 84 modules and continue to adapt as your business requirements change.
Work smarter
Present the right information to your teams by removing inefficiencies and streamlining operations. By using powerful tools such as Business Process Management, Workflows, Approvals & Alerts, you'll improve productivity and performance.
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The fully integrated ERP built for you
Choose the suites and modules that best suit your needs. Scale and adapt as your business changes. Get your organisation's cogs finely tuned and perfectly synchronised.
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