30 years of ERP software innovation,
close partner and customer collaboration
Greentree has been building innovative ERP software for more than 30 years, and in doing so has built a global reputation for reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. We pride ourselves on getting to know our customers, through our business partner network, understanding their needs, and providing them with a solution that 99% of the time is available straight out of the box.
Before Greentree, mid-sized businesses were generally stuck with either the 'lite' version of products aimed at large enterprises or functionally weak products for small businesses. The 'enterprise' products offered scaled-down, inflexible functionality, but still at a high cost, and the small business products only offered a short-term solution that would be rapidly outgrown.
Mid-sized businesses have to be nimble; take on new challenges and open new markets. Mid-sized companies have sophisticated demands but limited budgets. Greentree believed there was a need for business software with extremely wide and deep functionality, designed to be rapidly implemented and deployed, easily maintained and especially, cost-effective. Our range of powerful business software is now driving a hugely diverse range of companies, and more are signing up all the time.
How do we do it? Simple. Greentree prides itself on understanding how businesses think. Our instinctive knowledge of business processes and the ever-changing nature of the work environment is reflected in everything we produce. Since 1984, Greentree has functioned with one purpose: to make the best business tools, so our clients can work better and be world-beaters.
Greentree is more than its products; It's about the extraordinary collaboration that drives everything we do. We sell solely through our network of high caliber business partners, specialists in technology and business; listening and delivering.
We pride ourselves on working closely with our business partners and our customers – a wonderful community of dedicated partners, smart-thinking customers and ourselves. We call this relationship We3 – and it works, brilliantly. Our track record is testimony to that. Businesses that use Greentree are looking to work smarter and perform better. Their success is our success.
Greentree has made us more efficient, it's saved us time, and allowed us to service our customers in a more professional manner
Kamal Desai, Procurement Manager Tata Limited (UK)