We are delighted to announce our 2018 Greentree awards and we would like to thank our customers for helping us to select the winners. The number of customer entries that we received, along with the high quality of their supporting comments has made us very proud of all of our partners for maintaining such high standards. Much as we would love to award all of our partners for all of the categories, there can only be one set of winners for 2018!

Winner: Prerogative

This award is not only based upon revenue generation, but also for the efforts made behind the scenes to achieve the results. This includes investing in personnel, marketing and lead generation. The winner will have also accumulated a portfolio of highly referenceable clients, demonstrating outstanding service delivery.

Prerogative have consistently produced all of the above qualities, making them the Partner of the Year award winners from 2011 to 2018. Never wishing to stand still, Prerogative have continued to invest over the past year, creating a significant uplift in lead generation and sales.


Winner: Applied Business

We asked each of our customers to rank their partner, based upon their performance throughout the year. We also invited them to share supporting comments as to why they felt their partner was a worthy winner. This award isn't about the number of nominations per partner, but more about the consistent ranking and messaging from the customers.

The team at Applied Business have always prided themselves on providing top quality customer service and this award, as voted for by their customers, is testament to the fact that their high standards are very much appreciated. This is the second year in a row that Applied Business have won this award.


Winner: Applied Business

This award is based upon a mixture of year-on-year revenue growth, plus new customer acquisition. It's all about growth and it reflects the partners' efforts to expand their Greentree business, which requires focus on sales, marketing and lead generation.

Applied Business have consistently been a high performing Greentree partner for many years, but in the past year their enhanced focus on lead generation and sales has taken them to a new level.


This is always a hotly contested awards category as (according to our customers' nominations) we have a large number of highly skilled Greentree consultants within the community. Being a consultant is a challenging role; it requires a strong understanding of technology and business knowledge across a wide range of industries, as well as effective communication skills.

The following list of Finalists all received multiple nominations and were highly ranked by their customers:

Mark Savva, Applied Business
Stuart Matthews, Caletech
Sally Spink, Hoge 100
Paul Howarth, Prerogative
Andrea Spurdle, Applied Business
Stephanie Wood, Prerogative
Steve Fuller, Applied Business
Lisa Fleming, Amethyst Associates

Winner: Paul Howarth, Prerogative
This isn't the first time that Paul has won the Consultant of the Year award. Over the past 8 years Paul has consistently ranked amongst the highest in this category and this year he has surpassed his own very high standards - from the high number of customer nominations received - all with high rankings and extremely strong supporting comments.