ERP Is A Breath Of
Fresh Air
Professional services
Adcock installs, services and maintains air conditioning, refrigeration and a range of other climate control equipment to all sizes of customer, from the single office to large commercial organisations.
Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
With major growth plans, Adcock needed a fully integrated ERP system that would grow with them.
Greentree’s Job Costing seamlessly integrates with financial management and CRM, allowing Adcock to efficiently service their expanding customer base.
Adcock wanted one system that did everything for them. They found that in Greentree.
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“Our business is built on customer service, and we’ve grown over half a century by treating other people the way we’d want to be treated – I don’t think it’s any more complex than that.”
Kevin Newman is the Finance & Administration Director for Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, a family firm servicing businesses through 12 branch offices in the southeast of England.
They provide climate control in the ancient precincts of the Tower of London, and also for National Health Service establishments in the SE region. Other customers include the Monsoon and Accessorize chain of clothing stores.
They chose Greentree to equip themselves for the future.
No room for compromise
“We want to grow our company,” Kevin says. “Our turnover is currently £32 million and my aspiration is to increase that to £50 million. We felt those hopes would be compromised by staying with our legacy system.”
That system was focused around job costing, which is central to Adcock’s business needs. Its other functions, such as stock control, financial management and payroll, weren’t so strong and when its developers shelved plans to update the system, Adcock decided to look elsewhere.
“I did some internet research and looked at several products, but they all seemed to be accounting-based, like Sage,” Kevin recalls. “When an email from Greentree landed in my inbox I did some checking and found it was very strong not only on job costing, but in those other functions we wanted as well.
“We needed something that was going to take us forward and work with us, because the computer system is the lifeblood of the company.”
Refreshing attitude
Kevin describes the attitude of Greentree as “refreshing”.
“So many UK software vendors seem to have the attitude of ’let’s make as much money as we can and then get out’,” he says. “We detect the complete opposite from Greentree.”
Benefits of upgrading
Keeping heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems up to speed with strict EU regulations is a challenge both for Adcock and its customers.
“More than 80% of our business comes from existing customers,” says Kevin, “and we’re seeing a greater concern for meeting energy efficiency and environmental standards.
“The regulatory environment gives us more opportunity to talk with our clients about the benefits of updating their systems. For instance, the EU is making certain refrigerant gases obsolete, so we have the chance to educate our customers about modernisation, and even offer them leasing arrangements if they can’t make the outright investment in new equipment.
“We also prefer to schedule routine maintenance outside of the heavy summer and winter seasons, and Greentree’s planning boards will enable us to handle this properly, so our workforce doesn’t have so much downtime and is delivering as much financial return for us as possible.”
With the transparency of Greentree’s job costing, seamlessly integrating with financial management and CRM, Adcock is confident that it has the system for servicing and expanding its customer base.
“We wanted one system that would do everything for us, and after checking out Greentree’s international reputation, we knew it was what we needed,” Kevin concludes.