ERP For Quality
Facilities Management
The Corrigenda team provide a national and regional Specialist Integrated Facilities Management to their clients, alongside Asset Management, Energy Management, Capital Projects, Compliance and Professional Services.
Corrigenda needed a fully integrated solution to drive their key business functions, with the flexibility to meet customer demands for project and management information.
Greentree’s fully integrated suite allows real time data from across the business to be presented via desktops and reporting.
The flexibility of Greentree has enabled Corrigenda to meet customer demands, giving up to date visibility of the progress and status of each project.
Corrigenda meeting
“Corrigenda needed a flexible and fully integrated system to allow us to meet individual customer demands for presentation of project management information”
Steve Whitworth is Head of Compliance for Corrigenda which provides Specialist Integrated Facilities Management, Asset Management, Energy Management, Capital Projects, Compliance and Professional Services.
Corrigenda provide their Asset and Facilities Management services across the public sector, as well as the Commercial, Health, Housing, Retail and Leisure industries.
Meeting customer demands - Staying ahead of the competition
“We had a long relationship with our old software supplier, but we had problems meeting all the different customer demands as to how they wanted project and management information to be presented” explains Steve.
“Many of the organisations in these sectors now require their major suppliers to provide detailed information regarding costs, compliance and project status”.
“The old system was made up of different software packages bolted together. We needed a fully integrated solution, allowing us to have a clear view of all aspects of the business whilst also giving the flexibility to drill down and report to meet customer demands”
Fully integrated ERP system required to give visibility across the whole business
Corrigenda were looking for a consolidated solution to drive their key business functions and Steve researched the options online.
“We looked at a number of packages but most needed some form of integration and although they performed well standalone, when linked up they were not seamless”. “Greentree is different in that it truly is a fully integrated system allowing simple access to data from across the business” adds Steve.
Corrigenda chose Greentree because it enabled them to provide customer information in an efficient and timely manner, to meet contractual commitments. They also saw Greentree as a scalable business solution to maintain existing and to secure new business, enabling them to differentiate themselves from the competition.
Seeing the bigger picture
Corrigenda wanted their data within Greentree to be visible, where relevant, across the whole business. Steve says “With 150 users, some office based and some mobile workers, it’s important that they all have a view of what’s relevant to them, be it their jobs in hand, or informing them they have just been paid”.
The Greentree Workflow Desks allow each user to be presented with information that is relevant to them and their job function, from all corners of the business. Users can then drilldown to see more detail. “We use this ability to drill from one record to another, such as a service request to the related jobs” explains Steve. ”I can see the information that is critical to me in one desk. This allows me to easily manage my own work and my team”.
Total visibility
Rules and Business Process Management (BPM) have been added to control data entry and ensure accuracy and quality.
Growing with Greentree
Since the initial go-live Steve and his team have continually found new ways for Greentree to help Corrigenda to improve efficiencies and grow the business. “We have expanded the number of Desks to allow us to maximise the efficiency of our workflows”.
Steve has also implemented the Greentree WebView portal to provide information to both internal staff and customers.
“We also introduced Greentree eDocs automated supplier invoicing which has dramatically reduced administration and provided electronic copies of all invoices”