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Crosby Energy Services has serviced the Gulf of Mexico‘s oil producing industry since 1964. It provides contract labour services throughout shelf and deep-water locations, ranging from Mobile, Alabama to Galveston, Texas, as well as contract labour for production, operations and maintenance support at onshore locations.
Crosby Energy Services
Crosby Energy Services was bogged down with disconnected systems, too many manual processes and too much guesswork on its revenue stream.
Greentree‘s fully integrated financial management, human resources and job costing ensure accurate reporting and proper visibility of income, while vital employee records are available at the click of a button.
Efficient job costing has boosted revenue, auditing and reporting times have been halved, and better information enables better strategic decision-making.
D&B oil rig
“I love Greentree - it‘s the best software I‘ve seen in my 30-year career.”
Steve Stanick is the Accountant and Project Manager for Louisiana-based Crosby Energy Services, a core supplier of skilled labour to the offshore and onshore oil-drilling industry. Its customers include Shell and Exxon.
Greentree helped to bring Crosby Energy Services‘ business systems into the 21st century.
“All our processes are now linked together,” Steve says. “We‘re functioning as one unit.”
Slow processes, dated data
With 500 employees spread across four states, disparity of information and too much manual inputting were slowing Crosby Energy Services down. They had separate financial and HR systems. To produce a month-end report for management could take upwards of a fortnight, and by the time the report appeared, the figures were out of date. Piles of paper purchase orders and invoices only compounded the time wasted.
“It was almost impossible to figure out what our commitments were in terms of requisitions and POs,” Steve says. “We also had no job costing, which was a big problem. We were forced to estimate our revenue from jobs, so we really had no idea whether we were making money on a job.”
An outsourced payroll system with little or no support available was just adding to Steve‘s headaches, having to deal with several hundred timesheets every week.
“You don‘t have 100% control with a system like that,” he says.
Single-system simplicity
A referral by a business associate put Crosby Energy Services in touch with a Greentree Partner and after a demonstration, they decided that Greentree was what they needed, to bring all their data into a single system that would have no problems with future business expansion.
The Greentree Partner devised links to the outsourced payroll system to simplify the inputting of man-hours into Job Costing. With the addition of eTimesheets, the management of all those widespread employees is now much less time-consuming.
But that‘s not all.
The problems with requisitions and purchase orders are now history, because Greentree keeps a record of everything that‘s ordered, and it‘s simple to turn a materials receipt into an invoice.
Greentree‘s Human Resources module is key to keeping track of staff training and qualifications. The Gulf of Mexico disaster brought an upsurge in business for companies like Crosby Energy Services, and the US federal government brought in stricter compliance regulations for oil rigs. When skilled labour is required for a job, the Greentree labour database delivers an instant report to indicate whether particular people are qualified to do a particular job.
“With Greentree all that information is in one database, where before we had several,” Steve says. “We had a lot of inquiries in the wake of the Gulf disaster, especially from customers, and to have all that information available at the click of a button was a great help.”
“The auditors were impressed”
Crosby Energy Services‘s safety records are also regularly audited by their large customers to ensure that the people they‘re sending to offshore rigs are qualified. Moving from filing cabinets full of paper to a Greentree database has cut the auditing time in half.
“The auditors were impressed,” says Steve. “Most people had never seen a system like that before.”
The monthly close-out ritual time has been slashed in half, while having proper Job Costing has taken the guesswork out of assessing revenue.
“With Greentree we can see the money coming in and make improvements where we didn‘t bid enough on a job,” Steve says. “That‘s lifting revenue by thousands every month.”
The real meaning of ERP
The trees in Greentree‘s FREE reporting engine enable simple drag & drop compiling functions for bank and management reports.
“Our directors are impressed by the speed and quality of the information they‘re getting,” says Steve. “We can set up different districts so we can get separate income and expenses statements and get a proper view of areas where we‘re performing well or not so well. We can react faster than ever now, and make changes.”
Crosby Energy Services prides itself on its safety record and its financial performance. Its revenue has doubled in the space of 10 years and it‘s expecting further growth, particularly from natural gas exploration in Texas.
“When there‘s a job opportunity opening with a customer, we‘ll fill it faster than any of our competitors,” Steve concludes. “Greentree has updated us to where we need to be in our marketplace; it really is a tree of information and communication.”
“Greentree is what ERP is all about.”