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Health & Safety, Construction & Engineering
Santia provides asbestos and construction design management services to help companies comply with their legal duties. Santia’s industry leading team have the technical knowledge and experience to offer expert advice from the first consultation.
Santia Asbestos Management
Santia Asbestos Management was part of a larger group but needed a specific ERP solution for its business.
Greentree’s suite of modules offers a fully integrated solution, with one point of data entry and no need for duplication.
Greentree provides full visibility of the business via its dashboards, allowing the simple tracking of projects from sales to project conversion.
Santia warehouse
“We needed a fully integrated accounting system that suited our company size, providing a single view across the business.”
Alexis Vranch is the Finance Director for Santia Asbestos Management which provides asbestos and construction management services to meet legal requirements.
Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral fibre with thermal stability and high tensile strength. As a result, asbestos was used extensively in the UK, particularly between the 1950’s and 1970’s. Asbestos was used in more than 3,000 man-made products including insulation, boards, cement, textiles, vinyl and many other materials.
“Prolonged exposure to large amounts of airborne asbestos fibre can cause fatal cancers. The realisation of its effect on health resulted in its gradual prohibition with the use of white asbestos finally banned in the UK in 1999” explains Alexis.
“Santia‚Äôs national team of consultants (some retained for more than 20 years) help dutyholders to keep their people and working environments safe.”
Group wide ERP system too large for Santia’s specific needs
Being part of a larger group, Santia were using group wide software, not specifically configured for their business needs.
According to Alexis “The running costs were too high and the configuration meant duplication of data input. We needed a fully integrated ERP covering our end to end processes and removing the need for duplicating data input.”
Having searched the market Santia came across Greentree. An ITT was submitted and a demonstration arranged with a Greentree partner.
“Time was taken to tailor the demonstration to match Santia Asbestos Management’s requirements, so we could clearly see how the software would fit within the organisation” explains Alexis, adding that “Time was also spent proving that Greentree’s revenue recognition would fully fit our requirements.”
Flexible fit for the business
The Greentree scheduling tool and the flexibility of the reporting dashboard are key to Santia’s business going forward.
Greentree’s dashboard allows clear visibility of the sales process from prospects through to project conversion. Document scanning via Greentree’s eDocs module is also of key interest to Santia.
“The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and the Construction (Design Management) Regulations 2015 place very specific legal duties on our customers” explains Alexis. “Our industry leading team have the technical knowledge and experience to offer expert advice from the first consultation.”
Strong platform for growth
Santia Asbestos Management is a growing organisation that is always looking to divest into new business areas.
“With Greentree working and integrating into the Santia customer portal, the system will provide a strong platform for growth into additional markets and products” Alexis concludes. “We are still in the early days, but we can already see a lot of benefits from using Greentree.”
“With Greentree we now know that we can ensure an end to end process that fully fits our business needs, without duplicating inputs.”
Future Proofing the Business
Greentree’s continual investment in the product and in particular the improvements to the scheduling mechanisms in the form of planners, will make a massive contribution to the success of Santia in streamlining their operations and improving their customers experience. With the introduction of Greentree’s ‘Making Tax Digital’ functionality Santia Asbestos Management can always be sure to be fully HMRC compliant.